Lysaght Flex Lok


Lysaght Flex Lok structural standing seam profile is the latest addition to the LYSAGHT suite of products. Unlike our range of architectural standing seam profile, this roofing system requires no substrate as it is profiled with structural strength to function as a single skin roof to increase its ability in thermal resistance and sound transmission.

In addition, Lysaght Flex Lok can be formed into straight sheet, convex curved sheet or tapered sheet to meet increasingly sophisticated roof geometries demanded by designers today. As such, Lysaght Flex-Lok is the architects, engineers and contractors ultimate choice for roofing solution.

Standard BMT

0.55 mm & 0.80 mm (Flex Lox Steel)
0.90 mm, 1.00 mm & 2.00 mm (Flex Lok Aluminium)
Non standard based on request





  • No fastener penetration ensures weather tightness performance.
  • Advance concealed clip system provide excellent uplift resistance
  • Available on tapered and curved sheets to fulfil the most challenging design criteria
  • Can be roll-formed on site to avoid end overlapping and to achieve extreme length according to the project requirments
  • Available in a range over widths in ferrous and non ferrous material
  • Original clip design minimized the need for roofing thermal expansion joints
  • Specially engineered thermal pad of the clip can reduce thermal bridging effects
  • Excellent in rain drainage (high ribbed profile)
  • The minimum roof slope is 1.40 degrees



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