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Purlins and girts made from galvanized steel are proven performers, delivering cost effective, design-efficient, highly innovative building solutions.

Lysaght Zeds and Cees Purlin General Data

Lysaght Zed and Cee sections are accurately roll-formed from high-strength zinc-coated steel to provide an efficient, lightweight, economical roofing and cladding support system for framed structures.

Lysaght purlins are roll-formed into two standard shapes – Z and C sections. Both perform effectively, and in many instances the choice comes down to personal preference.

When to use Z sections
Lysaght Zed sections may be used over single spans, unlapped continuous, and lapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Lapped continuous spans result in a considerable capacity increase in the system.

When to use C sections
Lysaght Cee sections may be used in single spans and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Cee sections are ideal as eave purlins or where compact sections are required for detailing. Cee sections cannot be lapped.

In accordance with the provisions of AS/ ANZ 4600:1996 Cold-formed steel structures, load capacities have been calculated for Lysaght sections using approved Lysaght bridging systems, bolting and other accessories. Sections chosen using the data provided in the tables will perform as specified when the design, fabrication and erection are carried out in accordance with BlueScope Lysaght recommendations and accepted building practice.

Our wide range includes:A full range of Lysaght Zeds and Cees.

  • A full range of Lysaght Zeds and Cees with downturned-lip.
  • Zees section sizes from 100 mm to 300 mm.
  • Cees section sizes from 100 mm to 250 mm.
  • Bolting systems to suit project needs.

Material Specification

Lysaght Zed and Cee purlin are roll-formed from galvalized steel with hot dipped, zinc coated, chromate – passivated, and high strength grade steel strip complying with AS1397-1993.

Product Range
The following range can be manufactured

Non-standard sections
We can supply a wide range of nonstandard sizes (up to 300 mm) and shapes, including Cees and Zeds with downturned lip—the Zeds can also be made to lap. Non- standard sections are not stocked in every region.

Available Lengths
Lysaght purlins are available custom-cut in any transportable length, however there are some limitations.
For minimum lengths, and lengths over 12000 mm, contact BlueScope Lysaght office.
For normal deliveries nominal lengths should not exceed 12000 mm. Lengths greater than 12000 mm require special transportation and on-site handling facilities. Law restricts the hours of transportation and permits may be required in some states. Lengths greater than 19500 mm require a special transportation permit. Length tolerance for all sections is 0 to +-10 mm

Lysaght Zed and Cee sections are delivered in strapped bundles. The actual quantity in each bundle will vary with section size, order and length. BlueScope Lysaght Products accessories are delivered in strapped or wired bundles, bags, or packages as appropriate.

If not required for immediate use, sections should be neatly stacked off the  ground and on a slight slope so that water can drain away. Sections and accessories should not be left exposed in the open for extended periods.

Corrosion Resistant & Material Compatibility

Some building materials and environmental conditions can be detrimental to coated steel products.

These include contact with or exposure to runoff from:

  • Industrial, agricultural, marine or other aggressive atmospheric conditions

  • Incompatible metals, like lead or copper

  • Building materials subject to cycles of dryness and wetness, or which have excessive moisture content such as improperly seasoned timber

  • Materials which have been treated with preservatives, like CCA or tanalith-treated timber