Lysaght Trimdek Crimp Curved


Minimum radius of curvature for convex is 500mm and 550mm for concave to underside or pan of sheet, minimum straight length of sheet at one end of a curve is 200mm

TRIMDEK : R min = 500 mm
SPANDEK : R min = 500mm
AUSDEK : R min = 350mm (Only Available in Medan)

Standard BMT
0.40 MM (Non standard based on request)
Maximum length of sheet that can crimp curved for ridge application approximately 12000mm.
The curve can either be convex or concave.The sheet can be crimp curved to three quarters of a full circle but to facilitate side lapping, semi circle maximum is recommended.
When both ends are ceimp curved, the maximum recommended straight distance between the two curves should be 6000mm


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