Lysaght Locked Seam


Features & Product Description
Lysaght Locked Seam series of roof profile is an engineered high quality and lightweight standing seam roof profile, designed as a fully-supported roof and wail cladding for curved, pitched and tapered conditions Lysaght Locked Seam series of standing seam profile is economical durable, which can be adapted to contemporary architecture.

Typical Applications
Lysaght Locked Seam series of roof profile offers multiple design options in:

  • Straight sheets
  • Smooth curved sheets without crimped maks
  • Tapered sheets
  • Tapered curved sheets

The maximum length available is the maximum transportable length.

Product Benefit

Lysaght Locked Seam

  • A modest and discreet roof
  • Specially designed height at 25/38mm contributes to the modernty, lightness and regularity of the roof architecture
  • Minimalism and simplicity effect
  • Gives a distinctive appearance when used on more complex shapes


Note: Cover widths specified herein are applicable for non-cyclonic areas. Only For cyclonic area and high wind conditions, panel cover width will be configured separately.



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