Lysaght Ultra RIB






Lysaght Ultra RIB Connector – Lysaght Ultra RIB


What advantages you can get from Lysaght Ultra RIB

  1. Excellent waterproof
    Lysaght Ultra RIB with special high rib and concealed fixing and seaming ensure the totally waterproof for the most strict requirement buildings.
  2. Insulated option flexibility
    Two types of high & low connectors helps the Lysaght Ultra RIB can go with normal or very thick and high-density insulation which fit with specific requirement.
  3. Colorin seaming roof
    The Lysaght Ultra RIB can be supplied with Clean COLORBOND material thanks to the special seaming principal.
  4. High guality material
    Lysaght Ultra RIB are made from aluminium/zinc alloy coated ZINCALUME? steel/ pre-painted Clean COLORBOND” steel that have a life time of up to four times that of ordinary Galvanised steel and excellent resistance to tropical discoloration and staining, bring a long lasting beauty and smart appearance to your project.
  5. Cost Saving
     The high rib, spanning ability, lightness and rigidity of Lysaght Ultra RIB profile permits wide support spacing which helps save cost of purlins in the building.
  6. Smart Apperance
    The stiff eners in profile circle node in the rib and electric seamers ensure the straight and good-looking roof at completion.
  7. Low Roof Pitch
    Can be used on roofs with a little as 2 degree
  8. Site Mobile Roll-Former
    For project that required long length roof without any end laps, Lvysaght Ultra RIB can be roll-formed at site by mobile roll-former with the length of the sheets up to 65 m.


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